Sneaker Sourcing Service by Sneakerlog AU

Looking for a sneaker that are currently not available on our website? Don't worry, we will do all the hard work for you! Contact us follow the steps below and we will source the sneakers for you.

How it works:

1. Fill in the form below with the format example shown in table below.

 Your name:


Your email address:

Sneakers'/Apparels' name 

 Air Jordan 1 High Mocha

Size (pls specify men/women) 

For men sizing: US 10 Men

For women sizing: US7 Women  

Budget (Add your reasonable range of budget here)


Your Mobile number:   04XX XXX XXX

2. We will reply to your email with the final price of the sneaker that we have  sourced for you.

3. A full payment will then be required in order to secure the item. At the same time, your shipping details will be collected.

4. Your item will then be shipped to you via Australia Post. For more detail can refer to our Shipping policy.

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